About the Company

Al-Badwy Company for Employment and Recruitment of Egyptian Manpower Abroad, licensed by the Ministry of Manpower under license number (638), is an Egyptian company established to occupy its appropriate place in the field of recruitment and human resources."

Our message:

  • Offer services in the field of highly efficient human resources in the Arab Gulf region and Egypt.
  • Appointing our candidates in the right place to develop their abilities and to achieve a successful working life.
  • Improving the nomination procedures through human resources tests to ensure the success of your organization.
  • Supporting our candidates with continuous training to ensure their competence.
  • Helping Egyptians by providing them with appropriate jobs outside Egypt in order to give them the opportunity to gain practical experience in the international labor market.

Our vision:

We are committed to upholding the principles of integrity, ethics, principles, values ​​and honesty with our shareholders and stakeholders.We seek to provide a human resources service that benefits both the employer and the employee. And to be a reliable, honest and committed recruitment companyWe consider ourselves a leading global recruitment agency for manpower from Egypt..

Company mechanism:​

  • Providing the best cadres for various jobs, for example we can provide administrators, craftsmen, teachers, engineers and medical staff in the health care sector:
(1)   Our wide network of contacts helps us to perform our work, as we have good contacts with various agencies and authorities (such as the Ministry of Manpower in Egypt), in order to ensure that we provide what our customers require from corporate owners. The nomination steps are carried out through a well-prepared, experienced and highly dynamic team supported by extensive knowledge. . (2)  In addition, we have many good working relationships with international companies, especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries Good relations with different markets, previous experiences, and our communication with officials and managers of companies help us a lot to reach the best elements and those with rare experiences in various fields.